Beachten sie, dass die klimatechnischen Installationen und baulichen Massnahmen bereits bei Baubeginn berücksichtigt werden.

Die im vornherein einfliessenden Überlegungen der Klimatisierung ermöglichen eine technisch und optisch optimale Platzierung der Komponenten.


Ein Weinkellerkühlsystem kann problemlos auch nachträglich installiert werde. Die Ausseneinheit wird vorzugsweise in einem Nebenraum montiert wo die Abwärme erwünscht ist. Beispielsweise in der Waschküche oder der Garage.


Eine konstante Temperatur zwischen 12°C und 16°C

Die Feuchtigkeit muss über 60% liegen

Der Weinkeller darf keine Fremdgerüche aufweisen

Der Wein muss erschütterungsfrei gelagert werden


Ein Weinraum kann problemlos auch im Wohnbereich realisiert werden. Diese Art der Weinlagerung bietet sich für die unterschiedlichen Ansprüche an. Im Bereich der Gastronomie des Weinhandels und Privatpersonen welche ihre Weine in Ihrer Nähe wissen wollen.


Klimatisierte Weinvitrinen in unterschiedlichen Ausführungen bieten in der Gastronomie sowie im Privatbereich die Möglichkeit Weine unter optimalen Bedingungen zu lagern und zu präsentieren.

Standardisierte sowie individuelle Lösungen bieten für alle belange der repräsentativen Weinlagerung an.

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Temperatur und Feuchtigkeit lassen sich, mit den Weinkellerklimageräten von Vinumtec, im Weinkeller beliebig regulieren und so den persönlichen Bedürfnissen anpassen.

Über den modularen Aufbau können die Weinkellerklimageräte von Vinumtec individuell an die räumlichen und klimatischen Gegebenheiten und Anforderungen angepasst werden. Das Produktesortiment umfasst diverse Leistungsklassen und Modelle.

Die Klimageräte von Vinumtec werden auch in begehbaren Humidoren eingesetzt.

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+41 56 534 10 01

Wine cellar cooling

Temperature and humidity are ideally and perfectly controlled by the Vinumtec system solutions. The modular cooling units are easily adapted to virtually any cellaring requirements no matter how easy or complex they may be. The product portfolio includes all capacity levels.

The cooling units by vinumtec have also been successfully used for walk-in humidors.

More about Wine cellar conditioning

Bespoke glass wine cabinets

State of the art wine cabinets can be assembled anywhere.

Make sure, that enough consideration and time is given at the earliest planning stage prior to construction. That way, you’ll get the glass wine cabinet of your dreams without compromise whatsoever.

Existing rooms

We transform any existing room into the wine cellar of your dreams. With our technical and manufacturing expertise that reaches back decades, the only limit to your dream wine room is your imagination.

Winesor ™

Keep your wine cellar in check at all times with our state-of-the-art temperature and humidity sensor. The Winesor regularly measures humidity and temperature and sends all values to the linked app.


Winerooms that seamlessly integrate in your interior environment are trendy. Take advantage of our extensive expertise that blends into even the most modern architectural designs.

Wine cellar cooling

A perfect wine cellar cooling unit that provides commercial-grade temperature and humidity control is essential for your cellar. Contact us to determine which system works best for you.

Wine cellar construction

Wine cellar construction

Your wine collection is too precious to leave the storage environment to chance. We offer you the broadest portfolio of proprietary wine cellar solutions. Take advantage of our expertise.

Cellar Air-Conditioning

Make sure that ample consideration for your cooling system is taken at the planning stage. Our versatile portfolio of cooling units are ideal for nearly invisible integration that offer an unparalled efficiency and quietness required for high end installations.

Our systems are available in a large number of ducted and ducted split models that are energy efficient and are manufactured of commercial grade componenents.

Wine cellar cooling

A versatile cooling system can be installed easily into existing structures. Chose from a wide ranging portfolio of options.

wine storage conditions

A constant temperature between 12 and 16 degrees

A humidity above 65%

The wine cellar should be a 100 % odour neutral

Wines should be stored vibration free

Wine room

A wine room can be integrated in the environment of your choice. This type of cellar construction is ideal for any type of requirements, no matter how complex or sophisticated. Ideal for hospitality services, the trade or private cellars. For anyone desireing to store their wines in close proximity.

Glass wine cabinets

Made to measure glass wine cabinets offers the hospitality industry as well as discerning private individuals the ultimate solution to present their wines at perfect storage conditions.

Wine cellar control

Winesor allows you to keep a permanent eye on your collection. Keep in charge of your fine wine collection. Monitor the temperature and humidity at all times. Our proprietary app allows you to take full control or delegate the oversight to a designated third party. Get alerts when something’s off.


The winesor sensor brings a new quality in cellar measuring accuracy. Humidity accuracy is under 2 %. This guarantees a flawless measurement of cellar data.

Smart wine cellar

The future of wine storage

Winesor gives you full remote controll of your cellar and allows you to react to unwanted changes in storage condition immediately.

Winesor™ App

Winesor comes with an extensive app, empowering you to take full control of your wine collection.

wine storage condition

A constant temperature between 12 and 16 degrees

A humidity above 65%

The wine cellar should be a 100 % odour neutral

Wines should be stored vibration free

Wine store concept

During the planning phase, all possible considerations are taken such as capacity, air conditioning as well as all construction requirements in order to hand you full transparancy for your project with detailed plans.

Wine store concept

State of the art design is the common thread through all projects in order to meet or surpass even the highest requirements in interior design of wine lounges.

Product design

I fit doesn’t exist, we’ll build it. We have decades of manufacturing experience of wine storage concepts, state oft he art cooling and shelving systems.

Wine lounge

Our team has an excellent understanding of how wine lounges are put together and can make sense of complex construction drawings. We let you see what your wine cellar is really going to look like at the earliest project stage.

Metallic wine storage systems

The fine art of simplicity. The metallic modular wine racks are ideal for vertical collections and the storage of OWCs‘ (original wooden cases)

Wine storage systems made of stones

We carry the widest range of colours, sizes and types of modular wine storage systems made of stone.

Wine rack design

Our extensive range of wine storage solutions offer a maximum multitude of design options.

showloft of over 800 m2

Visit our extensive exhibtion space in Marthalen and dive in to the world of fine wine collecting.

For a personal guided tour, we kindly as you to reach out to us for an appointment.

showloft of over 800 m2

Visit our extensive exhibtion space in Marthalen and dive in to the world of fine wine collecting.

For a personal guided tour, we kindly as you to reach out to us for an appointment.

3D visualisation

It is our pleasure to offer you detailed 3d visualisation of your wine cellar.

Individual made-do-measure wine storage systems.

We’re in a position to manufacture bespoke systems according to your requirements.

Shop concept 2

In co-operation with a wide network of partners and third party contractors, we’re in a position to offer you an encompassing portfolio of services that include your corporate identity at the highest level.

3 D visualisation

We offer state-of-the-art 3d visualisation (at cost) in order to give you a precise idea of what your finished cellar might look like and fit in your preferred environment.